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Stock Charts View a Stock Chart... - Press provides online investors with access to market sentiments regarding a company. The best company are those that can get the word out about themselves. helps emerging companies raise brand awareness so that investors can become vested in an upcoming, undervalued company. was built so investors can find information on stocks that are emerging and upcoming. Investors can analyze any company stock through our stock market indicator. An alert is sent out to notify investors when the prospects of a company is changing. In addition to this free service that we provide, we also provide a newsletter which features upcoming, undervalued companies. We provide investors with information to make an informed decision regarding their investment practices. We provide news, links, reports, and quotes, all aimed to inform investors about the advantages of investing in a featured company.

A newsletter for Featured Profiles is sent to our database of members, the newsletter presents the products, services, management team and new developments. We illustrate the market advantages of the products/services, management strengths, growth plan and other reasons why the company represents a sound investment opportunity.

E-mail Campaigns - After investors join, we use email campaigns in order to stay in contact with them. Promoted companies will appear in these newsletters.

PR Campaigns

The following reflects the steps of a standard campaign:

  • E-mail alerts of a featured company to all subscribers as well as a notification sent out to money managers, reputable investors, broker-dealers, market-makers and fund managers.
  • Email sent out describing the opportunities presented by the company and why it's currently being undervalued. Technical analysis and fundamental analysis used to support high upside of company.
  • Follow-up emails in the first duration of the campaigns urging investors to do due diligence and examine the company in depth.
  • Emails regarding the featured companies' activities and press releases, to keep them in contact with any new discoveries, fda approvals, or news benefiting the company.
  • Interactive question and answers session so investors can relay any questions through us and to the featured company.
  • We will provide weekly updates, and distribute information about the featured company through our network of press releases and partner companies that we are featured content writers for to encourage more promotion about the company.
  • When the featured company shows more activity than usual, we will continuously send alerts to our investors to notify them of these changes.
  • All these services will raise awareness about a company and help it to achieve it's long term goals. Is it more important to raise investment, or brand awareness? Investors are often looking for the next upcoming company and are always interested in investing. is a trusted brand that has already built a relationship with many investors who are eager to learn about the next biggest company growth.

Do you want to raise funding or get more investors? The best way is through our email marketing service to investors. We are in the business of promoting your company so that investors who find your services appealing will also be a vested investor.


The cost for compensation will depend on the length of time and other considerations. A final proposal reflecting our strategies and timeline will be offered along with the price for compensation.


Contact for more infromation.


Successful Indicators
- A trend spotted by solscreen on 6/20/2012 to buy iPath S&P 500 VIX (vxx) for 15.93 and to sell for 33.61 on 10/5/2012 at 9:45am resulted in $17.68
- A trend spotted by jbrown010949 on 2/4/2011 to buy (hl) for 9.67 and to sell for 9.855 on 2/14/2011 at 12:45pm resulted in $0.185
- A trend spotted by readmymsg123 on 4/18/2011 to buy Honda Motor Compa (HMC) for 35.68 and to sell for 37.83 on 4/25/2011 at 4:01pm resulted in $2.15
- A trend spotted by leenick1 on 1/24/2011 to buy Aruba Networks (arun) for 21.28 and to sell for 23.19 on 2/2/2011 at 12:45pm resulted in $1.91

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